For Nonprofits

Fund-Pass is a mobile app that is transforming the way booster clubs, 
student organizations and other groups raise funds to support their programs.

Using the Fund-Pass application on a smartphone, tablet or computer, 
supporters can easily find and redeem offers at popular local community merchants
How does Fund-Pass work for Fundraising Groups

Groups that want to raise funds to support their programs sign up as a Fund-Pass Group. There is no cost to sign up. 

Instead of selling physical items (cookie dough, gifts, popcorn, discount cards, or coupon books, etc.) your Fundraising Group sells Fund-Pass Access Codes to your supporters (donors). These access codes are printed vouchers that are exchanged for the supporter’s donation at the point-of-sale.

Which types of Fundraising Groups sell Fund-Pass? 

Any group or individual that is trying to raise money can sell Fund-Pass. This includes:

▸ Schools 
▸ Booster clubs 
▸ Churches or religious organizations 
▸ Non-profit associations

Why should my Fundraising Group sell Fund-Pass (compared to other fundraising products)? 

Fund-Pass is easier and more fun for your group to sell to your Supporters. 

There are no physical products to order, handle, deliver or return. When you start your fundraising campaign, your Group is supplied with printed Fund-Pass Access Code vouchers which your sellers hand-deliver to supporters in exchange for their donation. 

How much can my Fundraising Group earn? 

Since the Fund-Pass App is a digital product, there are no merchandise costs. This means your Fundraising Group can earn larger profits with Fund-Pass than other fundraising products. 

Profits can be as high as 70%! 

The actual amount your Fundraising Group can earn is dependent on how much you charge for Fund-Pass Access Codes and the contract rate that you agree to with the Fund-Pass Planner/Distributor that manages your fundraising campaign.

How much does it cost for my Fundraising Group to sell Fund-Pass? 

There are no up-front costs for your Group to start selling Fund-Pass to your Supporters. Your Planner/ Distributor pays all license costs, and once your fundraising campaign has concluded, you receive the proceeds from the fundraiser, less the contract rates agreed to with your Fund-Pass Planner. 

What is a Fund-Pass Planner?  (We've got you covered)

Fund-Pass Planners are independent fundraising campaign pros that have purchased a Fund-Pass license to help fundraising groups plan, implement and manage their Fund-Pass fundraising campaigns. 

Fund-Pass Planners charge a fee for their services, typically a percentage of the total amount raised or a percentage of each Fund-Pass access code sold. The actual fee is set by each Fund-Pass Planner and can vary between different Planners. As with most businesses, Planners with more experience and a proven track record of successful fundraising, earn higher fees.

Can I manage my own fundraising campaign without using a Planner? 

No. Fund-Pass Planners are a critical part of the fundraising process. We have established strict criteria for Fund-Pass Planners, licensing only qualified fundraising professionals. They have experience setting up and managing Fund-Pass campaigns, and this experience results in successful campaigns. 

If you need assistance locating a Planner that services your area, contact us for more information. 
How can my group get started selling Fund-Pass? 
To get started, click here to complete the online application form.

Can merchants that support our group promote their offers on Fund-Pass? 

Yes! If you have merchants and sponsors that have supported your group in the past and you’d like to include them in your Fund-Pass fundraising campaign, you can invite them to join the Fund-Pass Merchant Network. It’s free, fast and easy for your local merchants to join.

What is the Fund-Pass “E-Ticket”? 

Replace outdated paper tickets with E-Ticket from Fund-Pass. 

E-Ticket makes it more convenient for your supporters to enter events (games, recitals, theater, etc.) using their smartphone Fund-Pass. 

Plus, E-Ticket upgrades and simplifies paper ticket systems, making it easier for your volunteers to manage ticket sales and redemptions. 

How does Fund-Pass “E-Ticket” work? 

Create a special Access Code for a specific event or an entire season’s pass and sell to your Supporters. Supporters can present their E-Ticket directly from their smartphone to gain entrance to the event.

No more long lines of people waiting to buy tickets; no more paper tickets to sell/collect. Plus, E-Ticket makes it easy to keep more accurate records of ticket sales.

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